Monday, April 3, 2017

What are hoverborads,and why they are great for your kids?

Hoverboards has been in the market for a few years now and most people are aware of this innovative piece of technology. But for those who have no idea about What a hoverboard is? or What purpose does it serve?

A hoverboard is generally a type of transportaion device. Shane Chen is generally considered as the inventor of hoverboards. Unlike the fictional hoverboards which levitates, a modern day hoverboard is battery powered, has two wheels and is controlled by the user's feet with the help of inbuilt gyroscopic pads. The primary function of a hoverboard is transportation, however it can also serve multiple functions as well. This device serves as a perfect companion for those who wants a cheap as well as convenient means of transportation.

Hoverboards are best suited for short distance commuters as it helps in quicker movement with less energy used.

Let me try to explain some advantages or pros of hoverboards.

EASY MOVEMENT - As mentioned above, a hoverboards proves to be incredibly helpful when traveling short distances. And due to its light weight and small size it can be operated even in really tight and crowded places.

COST - Initially, hoverboards were only accessible to the rich people, but recently prices has gone done incredibly. Now you can own a hoverboard for as low as $100.

LOW MAINTENANCE - Though it is cheap, the build quality of hoverboards are rather impressive. These devices are build with advanced engineering techniques and durable components making them less prone to breakage.

ECO-FRIENDLY - This might be the most appealing advantage of this device given the current situation of our environment. Being battery operated they do not emit or produce any harmful gases, which i think is needed badly.

CONVENIENCE - The small size again adds up to its advantage. Hoverboards can be easily stored anywhere when not in use, you don't need to build a garage or a particular place for it. They can also be moved or can be carried anywhere without any hassle. It is said that No One Is Perfect, then how can a piece of machine be perfect? Yes, it has its own flaws and disadvantages. Here they are,

THEY EXPLODE- Yes, you heard it right! Hoverboards are known to explode due to overheating and other issues. This is why they are banned in several airports, schools and public places.

DANGEROUS - The idea of riding a hoverboard might sound cool, they can cause serious injuries to yourself and people around you if you don't know how to operate it properly. Several injuries has been reported due to hoverboard accidents. There is no denying of the fact that technology has made human beings more lazy and anti- social, but in the end it all comes down to us and how we utilize it or how we are able to limit the use of technology. Therefore, I personally think that Hoverboards are are an amazing piece of technology which has made every day life more convenient and efficient.

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